Marriage commandments

Please understand it is against Guatemalan law to post photographs of children on Facebook or any social media.

CNA sent a letter that they are coming with a group on the 22nd to inspect us still again. It is disheartening.


Judge Joseph Sabbath who has worked family court for many years gives a list of commandments for a successful marriage. For instance: Avoid the little quarrels and the large quarrels will take care of themselves. Too many relationships are about winning and not living. Therefore the spouses bicker about little things that are not that important and when the large problems occur they are overwhelming.

Establish your own home, even a one room flat. I remember that the first three homes Dottie and I had were all one bedroom, a kitchen, a bath and a living room. But those times were so happy for us. We both dream of those days!

It was not about possessions and size. It was about peace and communication and just pure joy of living as husband and wife. The world has more than ever and yet they are so unhappy in their homes.

You cannot buy happiness. It does not work that way. Things never fill what your heart is shaped for. It is all about love, joy and peace. It is about growth. Many marriages quit growing at some point and there is no reason to get up each day mentally or emotionally. Fiewqght for each other and not against one another.