Marriage choices

I trust that many of you are praying with us about the upcoming meeting Saturday with the government. Also I trust that many of you are praying for God to touch the hearts of someone who is called as a houseparent or some other position here at Casa. Although Chad and Abby do not leave until later in the year we need to know to be prepared.

Eddy has been at Casa for 17 years & has worked and been able to build his house for he and his mother. He will be leaving Casa in 2 weeks. He is a special boy and one of great success.

Eddy is one of Casa’s greatest success stories. We love him.

Choices are what marriage is all about. Do not get into a rut of a marriage. If you get into a routine you may feel a little safer but life is about choices. Do not settle for mediocrity.

Choose to act in love. Sadly in our culture love is a noun. Actually it is a verb and demands action. We want the fuzzy feeling of love. But even when feelings are not there we can still love and be loved. Divorce courts are filled with people who fell out of love. But actually they CHOSE not to love. Strong marriages are built on commitment not feelings.

Choose to listen to each other. Communication is the key to a successful marriage as well as all relationships. It is frustrating when you are speaking and you have no doubt the other person is not listening. It discourages you and causes your relationship to falter. Genuine listening is a glue that holds the marriage in place. It is an act of your will just like love is.

Choose to give first place to God. Put God at the center of your relationship. To tell your spouse she is the most important thing in your life sounds great and has its place. But the truth is that God needs to be the center of your home and if He is left out you are in trouble. Christ , not Dottie, must be the center of my life. Everyone knows how much I love her but she cannot sustain me or our marriage without Jesus. I must depend on Him for my happiness and fulfillment.