Insecure marriage

I was blessed to have my family here to show them all God is doing at Casa.

Candy came home & there is a meeting Friday with CNA concerning the adoption of Anda. They are so close so please pray the meeting will be very, very positive.

The child who had her appendix removed is back at Casa and doing well.

My sisters & family: Kim, Kathryn,Wayne, Charlotte & Virginia

So many spouses are insecure in this culture in which we live. The roles of men and women have changed dramatically not just since Biblical times but in the last few decades. People do not know who they are. What can we do as a godly spouse to help bring self-esteem to our husband or wife?

First, we need to accept them unconditionally. Marriages that begin on emotions will not hold fast as emotions change over time. Acceptance is what our spouse needs.

Second, put the past in perspective. No one is or has been perfect. Our past history may be filled with family failures and moral lapses. Try to understand why your spouse acts the way they do. Dottie and I have had totally diverse backgrounds. But we have made a 54 year marriage succeed because we follow these simple rules.

Third, speak positive words to your spouse. Word have the power to kill or to build up. Appreciate the positive things concerning your spouse and mention them often.

Fourth, encourage, encourage, encourage. Every marriage has difficult times and it is in those times we make or break the health of a marriage. God through everything TOGETHER. Do not turn on your spouse or reject them.

Fifth, give your spouse freedom to fail. So many people are terrified of failure. We believe that if we mess up it is eternal. They need to know from you that they can fail without being a failure.