The Illinois team was scheduled to leave early but their flight was delayed until after noon.

Dottie was ill today but she just keeps on a going.

The court sent another 3 children home. It has gotten beyond sad.

Vanessa & Michelle went to a women’s home Bible study in San Cristobal.



Painting the playgroundThankfulness should be a major part of being a Christian. Selfishness is the enemy of thankfulness. Athletes act as though they did it all by themselves when they hit a homer, score a touchdown, make a basket or score a goal in hockey.

I am afraid that I also talk too much about what I have done or what I have accomplished. Romans 1:21 says that a lack of gratitude was one reason God gave up on the Gentiles. There are specific things the Bible tells u we should be grateful for. Ingratitude is a sin.

  1. Psalms 106:1 says that we should thank God for His goodness. Too often we fail to see all that God has done for us. I have clean water at Casa and yet it comes to mind too often when the pump goes out. We have rain, sunshine, beautiful stars & hundreds of other reasons to awaken every day and tank God for His goodness.
  2. Mark 8:6 says that we should thank God for our food. We are the most blessed nation on earth. Food is abundant whereas in many countries worldwide food is scarce. My children at Casa do not go to bed without having eaten three good, healthy meals that day.
  3. I Corinthians 1:4 says that we should thank God for one another. I truly do thank God for all of the sponsors and yearly visitors. If we did not have you things would be so difficult. God has blessed me with many friends and sponsors over 28 years that have reached & touched thousands of children