The NC team had a special doughnut & coffee time with ll of the house parents. The team gave us gifts & prayed twice for Casa.The teams had a special skit & then a movie for the teenagers.

Add Washington Baptist on Wednesday September 26th to our schedule at 6:30pm in Washington, Louisiana.

Jaquline 2 came crying that she has been able to buy her own house. She was beside herself with gratitude as she has worked here for years after growing up here. I am so happy for her.

The dollar is down to 7.14 to 1.

Staff doughnut gathering

Thank God for His goodness; thank Him for our food and thank Him for others were the first three areas we looked at for giving gratitude.

  1. Philippians 1:4 says to be specific in your prayers of thanksgiving. Listing the blessings is difficult but we can attempt to think of all that He has done. I am weak but still going. The government gives us cause for sadness but they have allowed me to be here and operate this ministry for 28 years.
  2. II Corinthians 9:15 says to thank God for His gift of Jesus. Jesus is a gift! You did nothing to deserve His mercy and there isn’t anything you can do to keep it. Salvation is a gift of God and we need to thank Him daily for it.
  3. I Timothy 1:12 says that we should thank Jesus for all that He has done. He not only gave us salvation but He left a book of His life that is to inspire us & give us examples to immolate.
  4. I Thessalonians 2:13 says that we should give thanks in EVERY situation. This is a tough request. Some situations cause me to murmur and complain. But if I am a child of God I realize that He is with me in every situation.