Candida begins her nursing practicum this week through November 22nd.

The teams are installing commodes in the schooli, cutting grass, repairing motors, tiling the kitchen walls, cleaning the dining hall & painting Los Cometas.

Laying tile in the dining area

Friendship is the foundation of marriage. Friendship implies mutual respect and is crucial in marriage. It means you listen to her ideas; share everything openly; trusts one another and are willing to reveal the real you.

If Dottie is my friend I know that she will never reject me. Friends support and trust one another. There is a genuine interest in what the other person says and does. It means I have Dottieā€™s best interest at heart at all times. I will not tear her down; I will only build her up.

Friendship is the doorway to intimacy. Intimacy suggests closeness, confidence and affection. If you have experienced rejection in your past this truth may be difficult for you. Romance cannot sustain a marriage but friendship can.

Friends communicate! Nothing is as vital to a marriage as open and honest communication in love. It draws out the inner life and bonds you with your spouse.

Dottie is my best friend.