After so much negative news today I received great news but I cannot share it for a few weeks. But you will be blessed.

Nine teenagers turned 18 and they all went with Alex to the municipal offices to get their identification papers.

Larry & Sue arrived so Gretchen made breakfast for them as well as us.

When we read the writings of Paul there are truths that, if lived, can change our lives as well as circumstance.

  1. Show love when those around us are unlovable. It is easy to love those who love us but Jesus says that we are to even love our enemies.
  2. Having joy when those around us are discouraged and discontent. You cannot allow another person to drag you down. Your joy is in Christ not in what is happening around you.
  3. Exuding peace when those around you are anxious. Jesus is the Prince of Peace therefore our peace is based on our relationship with Him and not what is happening around us.
  4. Practicing patience when those around you are frantic. Waiting on God is based on Who He is and not on those around us.
  5. Reaching out in kindness when those around us are unkind and difficult to live with. We do not give and eye of an eye when we get saved. We do all that we can to live our faith.
  6. Shine with goodness when those around us are acting in evil. Sin is in this world but it need not be in us. We need to realize that God is good and He expects us to be good to those others who in our opinion do not deserve it.
  7. Standing in faithfulness when those around have no commitment. You can stand in faith even if you are in the midst of hundreds of doubters.
  8. Flowing with gentleness when those around you are harsh and cold. Gentleness is another of the great fruit of the Spirit. You do not have to be cruel to anyone. If you do not love those around you they will never want what you possess—Jesus.
  9. Demonstrating self-control when those around you have none. Character says that if everyone around me does evil I will still do good. A lack of self-control seems to be at every level of society world wide.