Believes all things

My dissertation at the University of Florida has been chosen to be digitalized and given an on-line link. I wrote it 48 years ago so am blessed it was deemed worthy.

The rains continue to fall but like a postman weather does not stop Dottie & her children to work Saturdays on her gardens.

The NC team had VBS & then ice cream for Las Cometas before we dedicated the new dorm.


Randi, Walt. me & Dottie dedicating Las Cometas.


I Corinthians 13:7 says that charity believes all things. This simply means that love will trust. It does not mean that you and I are foolish or gullible and simply blindly believe everything. It means that love never believes anyone is beyond redemption.

Love will always believe that there is something better coming. It means we do not give up on anyone. As long as they have breath there is a chance they will be saved, healed, delivered, etc. The evidence may seem to be opposite of what we want but we will keep believing that the person or situation can change.

Besides Jesus my most favorite character in the bible is the thief on the cross. He had no chance to go to church, get water baptized, tithe or sing in the choir. Yet he was beautifully saved!

Trusting that God can make things right even at the last minute is love personified. We refuse to let go. We will pray until the end. We will help until the end. We will love until the end.

Like a bulldog we will refuse to let go of praying for that person