Before not after

For my 74th birthday I took Dottie for her eye exam. Her vision has improved 30%. I was given a new pulpit for my birthday as well as some vitamins.

We are having a major sit-down with three agencies on Saturday the 22nd. Pray that we will have favor.

One team went & distributed rice & beans to the poor. An Arkansas team arrived.

The painted addition to Los Cometas

Marriage is a life long commitment. It should not be taken lightly as it is today. If you are dating you should be willing to wait. We live in a world of instant gratification. Too many people rush into marriage that are not mentally, spiritually or financially ready. Your brain cannot be on auto-control. Wait!

Make financial plans. Finances cause more arguments than any other area in marriage. Have a budget or goals as to what you need to live, as you desire. Practice discipline and common sense. Do not waste money on the courtship. Financial self-discipline prepares you for the road ahead.

Get to know one another. Do not marry until you have dated for a year to a year and a half. Rushing means that you have not seen this person in each season of courtship. I tell the teens here there are many questions to answer as you court.

Lastly get counseling! Go to your minister and let him walk you through the various areas you need to be aware of before jumping into marriage. Romance will fade as time passes. You need something substantial to base your reasons for marriage. I told the boys last night that it is best to breakup before marriage rather than after.