Tony spent Friday & Saturday with my sisters being a tour guide.

The Texas team had activities beginning with the baby dorm, followed by Esperanza up. Los Cometas, Buen Pastor, Doncillas, Vencedores and Estrelitas down. They held a carnival for the children so it was not only fun but good exercise.

I began working on the end of the month reports. God has blessed & I am grateful to those of you who pray and give.

Carnaval games

How to stay young as you age (Part 2)

  1. Plant a garden. Physically it is difficult for me to bend over but Dottie has a beautiful yard and garden and works very hard to maintain it. I water it sometimes and push the wheelbarrow.
  2. Count your blessings. I do not know anyone who counts as high as I do when it comes to blessings. My natural children, my adopted children, my Casa children as well as health, friends, food, safety and a clean bed keep me busy trying to name those blessings one by one.
  3. Take risks. I have always believed that God does not build bridges until you step on the water. My life has always been one of taking risks. Pushing the envelope is what God desires of His children. Go as far as you can and then go a little further.
  4. Sing from your heart. When you quit singing you quit living. There is so much in an elderly person’s life to remember and praise the Lord for. As Bob Hope sang “Thanks for the memories”.
  5. Go on a mission trip. Recently I was visiting with two visitors to Cas who had come to help us for a week. I graduated high school in 1961 while they graduated in 62 & 63. We are 74, 73 and 72 & instead of being couch potatoes they were helping children in Guatemala and planning for a return next year.
  6. Eat healthily. As we have aged Dottie has studied almost daily on how to feed us healthily. You cannot buy things here as you can in the USA so she has to be very creative
  7. Finally, give generously to others. You are never too old to be kind and generous. People need encouragement. You can share your life’s experiences by volunteering in many ways to give yourself.