A couple gave me money to build a church & it made me realize that maybe you thought we were no longer building churches but we finished 2 this year & will finish 3 more by December. It is a wonderful way for you to invest in a harvest of souls. Less than $10,000 to build a church!

A 6.6 earthquake hit in San Marcos and our kids were running out of dorms everywhere at 1am. Our buildings shook but no major damage so we are blessed. There was one death & many critically injured in San Marcos.


When I was running dashes and relays in track and field I also ran hurdles. One night crossing a hurdle my knee plowed into it. Of course, I lost and for a while thought I would just concentrate on dashes and relays.

But then I read about Thomas Edison who had 1094 patents. He was an unbelievable inventor and once he said “I never failed. I just found 10,00 ways it did not work.” That inspired me to continue running the hurdles. My junior and senior years I qualified for the state championships and although I did not win I knew I had accomplished the goal of getting there.

Paul writes that we, Christians, are running a race. This race gives us bruises and bumps and the desire to quit is ever present. Getting tired and being smashed under many demonic attacks and failures we have a decision. We can quit or we can get back on the track.

Even if we limp across the finish line as I did that day I hurt my knee we will have won in the race against Satan. His purpose is to get us off the track for good. There is a finish line that the Word speaks us. You do not have to finish first. You simply have to finish. Keep trying!