Questions #4

Mike Ferguson arrived. He is helping with our financial reporting & the new network on website.

Dottie had another exam & her eyes are fine. She wants to thank all of you who pray for her.

Father’s Day

Sixteenth, Will I forgive daily those who have wronged me? Forgiveness is similar to loving your enemies. These are easy to preach on but difficult to do. I have always tried to forgive. Sometimes it has taken months and in 2 cases even took over a year to forgive someone. Aren’t you glad that God forgives immediately?

Seventeenth, Will I confess my sins daily? What I have found interesting over the years as a pastor to 5600 children is how little confession goes on. So many simply believe that they can walk in their sin without consequences but that is not true. Our eternal destination is settled when we accept Christ. Our sins are all forgiven. But just because you take a bath on Saturdays it does not mean you do not wash your hands before meals.

Eighteenth, Will I work hard each day on my goals? I have a job to do and that is to prepare the transition team to assume responsibility. I have found this too as hard as my daily routine. Praying daily for them is my main job now.

Nineteenth, Will I not quit? The easiest thing in the world to do is to quit when things are difficult. Every Christian needs to know if they will continue regardless of how hard things become. Each of us has things we need to accomplish and the devil is fighting against. But determination to continue is the characteristic that separates winners and losers.

Twentieth, Will I start living today? I like this question. At 74 I am not going to sit in an easy chair and could the hours. Each and every night I end my prayers with Dottie in this way: “Lord, allow Dottie and I not only to finish the race you have set before us but let us do it with strength and mental alertness.” There is no reason to quit. There is reason to live.