Questions #3

This week is vacation time for our school so we will have a VBS and I am praying & believing that souls will be saved & the children will be touched and feel the love of those who have come to teach them.

Katherine& Pamela began their practicum today in Chimaltenango.

We are finishing another church near Poaquil this coming week.

I went to a gastrointestinal specialist to see why this stomach infection continues.

Tile & ceiling almost complete

Eleventh, Will I daily renew my mind on things above? The question truly is “Will I read the Word daily?” Fathers need to read the Word. The world fills your mind with foolishness every day. It is critical that you balance the world with the Word so you will make correct decisions.

Twelfth, Will I pray daily for help? I do not know how fathers, husbands and family providers make good choices with time spent in prayer daily. I cannot imagine making life changing decisions and choices with the ones I love without time with Jesus. The Holy Spirit wants us to ask because He wants to answer and plan a route for our lives.

Thirteenth, Will I do all I can to follow the teaching of the Bible daily? It is not enough to read the Word. I must do the word. It is like reading a book on exercise and never getting out of your chair. You must do what you read or it is worth very little. Knowledge without action is useless.

Fourth, Will I take time for rest and relaxation? I believe that this is the most difficult for me of all I will list in the 20 points. Stopping is not easy for me. I was raised to get up early, work all day and go to bed. Those are good habits but now at 74 years of age the first two are getting more difficult.

Fifteenth, Will I practice love on a daily basis? We talk so much about love but we practice it so little. Oh, it is easy to love those who love you and are otherwise lovable. But loving your enemies is not as easy as preaching about loving your enemies. God expects us to love those who harm us, disagree with us and disagree with us.