Questions #2

One of the Las Cometa’s boys fell and pushed a tooth into his palate. Being Saturday evening there was no dentist office still open. Josue’ made some calls & found a dentist who met Walt & Josue’ at his office and hopefully the tooth is saved.

Teams from Georgia & Pennsylvania arrived.

Marlyn Estefani is pregnant so Dottie & I will be grandparents again.

Children receiving trophies

Sixth, Will I think only positive thoughts? My mind has a terrible tendency to lean towards negativism. I worry and think negatively when walking through a fire. Even when I have no idea what is happening. For instance, I get a call about having an appointment with CNA, Human Rights, Police or some other government agency and I think “Oh, Oh, What do they want?” rather than think it is a positive meeting.

Seventh, Will I forget the destructive things of the past? My past has many potholes and errors. I messed up an awful lot in the past concerning children at Casa, my own adopted children as well as with staff and visitors. Can I forget those errors and move forward?

Eighth, Will I set goals and work on them daily? As I prepare for the final transition can I stay the course and move towards the final baton passing. It will be many decades that I have been in control so can I relinquish the reins and let those God has called to take over?

Ninth, Will I smile more? I know that this sounds silly but in truth Christians need to smile more. So many children of God look like they drink only sour grape juice. A smile can change most any situation.

Tenth, Will I let fear stop me? I will not lie! I am sorta fearful about letting go on July 11, 2018. It will indicate my life is coming towards the finish line. It means I allow someone else to take what God has built using me and letting go. It means I will not be as useful.