Questions #1

Lily has been working with the children on athletic participation. The mayor of San Bartolome’ & others donated trophies & medals for 36 children & they were presented today. They also will receive a special day at a water park near Esquintla. It was a great day for them & I congratulate Lily for all of her hard work.

Today was Father’s Day in Guatemala & the kids were so kind. They gave everything from shirts to vitamins to drawings to a cake and one dorm even gave money to help with the bills. I am a blessed Daddy.


Bedroom & bathroom in Las Cometas addition


Turner asks a number of questions that are so good for us as Christians as well as spouses. First, Will I acknowledge Jesus in my daily life? It is truly a family tragedy when families only pick up a Bible or speak about Jesus on Sundays. Families that spend time in the Word and pray together will have far less conflicts.

Second, Will I honor God in all that I do? As a Christian father and husband it is imperative that I place God above everything else. When I speak to my children or play with them I need to honor God with words and actions. Does the way I treat Dottie honor God?

Third, Will I worry? This is placed high on the list because I know fro personal experience that worry is not only a sin it is crippling to a church, family or individual. Worry means I am not trusting and if I lose my faith and cannot believe for my family then destruction lies near by.

Fourth, Will I go to bed mad? I do not believe anyone is more emotional than I am. Anger will cause tossing and turning and does absolutely nothing to help the situation you are walking through.

Fifthly, Will I be patient in all works? It appears that Turner’s list was written for me. Along with being worrying, and sometimes angry I struggle with impatience. I want answers and I want them now! Unfortunantly the answers do not always come quickly. Things do not change as quickly as we desire.