Pray constantly

Dottie & I presented Dr. Hines with a resolution from my board acknowledging him for the work he has done in providing Telemedicine, dental x-ray & equipment, an x-ray machine for the clinic, eye examining machines, medicines and equipment for dialysis and much more.

Dr. Hines with Dottie and me.

I wonder how much my relationship with Dottie would grow if I never spoke with her. There is also my relationship with hundreds of children here at Casa and I shudder to think what my relationship would be with them if I refused or did not take the time to speak with them.

Yet many Christians think their relationship with Christ can grow without daily prayer. When I began dating Dottie we talked so much. It was in the sharing verbally that caused us to know one another. Billy Graham says that prayer is simply a two-way conversation between us and God.

We need to keep the lines of communication open if we are to develop a deep and fulfilling relationship. If I do not talk to Dottie every day we will drift apart. There are so many Christians who have drifted away from God for the simple reason there is no communication.

He is standing at the door and knocking. Why don’t you open the door and say “Hi”.