Pillars for parents #2

The power point messed up, a huge butterfly kept attacking the children & I was so sick I nearly fainted but apart from that church was great.

Visiting muscians playing for the children.
  1. There is the pillar of His word where we build our faith. There is a pillar of prayer that builds our trust in him.
  2. There is the pillar of prayer where we build our trust in Him.
  3. There is the pillar of love that builds your bonds.
  4. There is the pillar of understanding where He builds our character. This simply works by our knowledge of the Word and Who Jesus is and the desire to emulate the Lord. For instance, of all of the characteristics of Christ that are so wonderful it is His MERCY that I long to emulate. The more I understand Him the more merciful I become.
  5. There is the pillar of forgiveness to make us more compassionate. When I truly understand what the cross did for me I will move in the gift of forgiveness and that will lead me to a more compassionate life. I will always need His loving forgiveness and therefore I must practice it also.
  6. There is the pillar of testimonies and examples of those around us. My life has never been the same since I read the biography of George Muller. His life of dedication to children inspired me to come to Guatemala and change the entire direction of my life.
  7. Finally there is the pillar of obedience where I am becoming more comfortable in being His child. An obedient child will grow up to become like the one he imitates. Again I saw something in Muller that caused me to desire to be that type of child of God.

You cannot build a structure without columns to support the building. Use these 7 and watch what God will produce in you.