Kindness happens

Today was visiting day so some of the American visitors helped by playing with the children who did not get visited by family members.

I gave my testimony to the newest group of visitors.

Our boys won another district soccer championship.



Kindness is not worth anything unless it happens. It is a characteristic of a Christians who make a difference. You are not kind unless you are doing something.

Kindness is compassion, gentleness, mercy and helpfulness. Unkindness is not being sympathetic. It is harsh and cruel.

Kindness has two parts: feeling of compassion and the strong desire for the happiness of another person. It is also the resulting behavior that is intended to improve a person’s circumstances. This second part is also considered goodness.

Goodness is the activity calculated to advance that happiness in others. The Good Samaritan is the Bible’s example of kindness and goodness. This man saw the abused man bleeding on the road and others walking around him rather than getting involved.

The Good Samaritan demonstrates that kindness will take action. Kindness will serve others. Kindness will give and share with others. Kindness will provide what is needed. Kindness will take a risk. Kindness will put others first. Kindness will finish what it starts.

Do we go to where the hurting are?