The Quinceaneras will be so blessed when I tell them a family in the USA offered to pay 50% of the cost of going to the hotel. Anyone who wants to help can send that to Debbie but make sure it is earmarked clearly. Debbie will keep a separate account for this project. This will be a great blessing to the 18 girls celebrating their 15th birthdays.

I made a few weeks of radio shows. Dottie worked in her gardens.

Baths for Antoni’s House(dialysis)


Kindness happens! It is not a characteristic we keep inside. Kindness is compassion, gentleness, mercy, helpfulness & more. Unkindness is being cruel and harsh and not being sympathetic. Kindness will always begin in the heart.

Kindness has two parts. (1) There are feelings of compassion and the motives of our heart. (2) The resulting behavior that is intended to improve the circumstances of another person.

Kindness is the sincere desire for the happiness of another whereas goodness is the activity calculated to enhance that happiness. Goodness and kindness are often mentioned together.

Kindness means you respect everyone; you are not sarcastic or critical; the pain of another person becomes your pain; you return good for evil; you serve just for the joy of it. Ministering to those in pain should give us a feeling of happiness knowing we can and will make a difference.