His personality

There was another earthquake registering 6.7 and only having an epicenter at kilometer 115 whereas we are at kilometer 36. This means 50 miles as the crow flies. There was major damage in Antigua & Esquintla but again we were blessed to having a few broken items but no children harmed & no major damage.

The weather for 4 days has been heavy rains so it has affected the visitors playing with the children.


Jesus had a personality and His personality should be shown forth in His followers. That is why we are called Christians. If we are Christians then we should live like Christ. II Corinthians 5:17, “When in Christ we are new people”. That means we have a new personality.

What are some characteristics of a Christian? First, we belong to Christ. We have a new head. We are no longer free to just happily go through life without caring for others.

Second, Christian love is shown in our lives. You and I should love EVERYONE. We should feed the hungry, care for widows and orphans, visit the sick and imprisoned and help those who need a boost.

Third, we feel Christian joy in serving the Lord. It is easy to go through the motions of “doing” and yet never really have joy in serving. We should never regret giving time or money to help others. It should give us great joy.

Fourth, we share in the Holy Spirit. All Christians have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Jesus went to heaven and said that He would send us the Holy Spirit to guide, lead and teach us all things. If we pay attention He will show us the way we are to walk.

Fifth, we show loving kindness to everyone. Jesus showed His love and gave opportunity to the least of humanity. You and I cannot decide whom we will love and who we will ignore. We cannot ignore anyone. Jesus said that the least shall be first so we should pay attention to all of God’s creation.