Hard or Soft?

The day was spent by Mike F and our staff looking at each individual’s responsibility with the internet/website. Then he finished by spending time with Dorcus, Sebastian, Josue’ & me looking at the finances. It was well worth the time for him to come visit us.

The VBS teams are having programs throughout the day nd into the night.



The Word of God hardens those who, through pride of love for sin, refuse to listen. It softens those who listen, believe and submit to it.

The Word hardens those like Pharaoh when he heard Moses and the Jewish leaders who were blinded and hardened by the ministry of Jesus. II Corinthians 2:14-17 says that the Gospel Paul preached was a stench of death to those who rejected it.

But the Word softens such as in the instance of David following his many sins and yet listened and repented at the words of Nathan. The word spoken to Job caused him to repent of his sinfulness and weakness. Likewise we see the multitudes led to Jesus by the Word spoken by the Apostles. The Word spoken by Paul was a fragrance of life to those who listened.

With Pharaoh, the Israelites and Jewish leaders the hardening began when they deliberately and defiantly rejected it. But it is an aroma of life to those who hear the Word listen, allow it to penetrate and then act on it.

The response of the hearer determines whether the Word becomes a hardening or softening agent in the life of the hearer.