I made more radio shows. It is therapy for me I suppose. I love teaching. Dottie & Marcos worked on some of the trees and the Gringos had a program for three dorms.

We are blessed to say that all of the extra salaries for June/July have been paid.

One social worker, Dina, resigned as she has an opportunity to be upgraded. We will miss her because she loved the children & did an excellent job.


When I was a child & young teen my father & grandfather were the most important people to me. My grandfather taught me farming & cattle ranching whereas my dad taught me about life. My dad would run down the sidelines as I would be running on the football fields. He would arrive at the end zone about the same time I did.

Then I met God’s love. Jesus loved me unconditionally. There were no strings attached. I discovered what real love was. If I missed out on God then I missed out on true love.

I discovered that God was not a graven image or a list of do’s and don’ts. There is only one God and He wanted a relationship with me. I could say with Paul that I was a chief sinner but He still loved me. Love did not begin with me. It began with Him.

I am grateful for my grandfather and father but I am more grateful for Jesus.