Today was Family Day at the school so I preached on the 7 columns of constructing a Christian home & the children performed.

We had a secretive inspection that turned out in our favor. Josue’, Alex & Dina were instrumental in sharing with the government officials. This encourages me even more as the transition goes forward.

Students praising

We looked yesterday at the fruits of the Spirit, Righteousness, Holiness and Thanksgiving. Today we will look at the remaining four.

#5 is the fruit in our work. Colossians 1:10 says,“Walk worthy of the Lord, being fruitful in every good work”. There is a consistency in Christians who want to succeed. They make everything that they do a “work” of the Spirit. We do everything as a ministry to Jesus Himself. I do not work for Casa I work for the Lord.

#6 is the fruit of conversions as seen in Romans 1:13 where it says, “That I might have some fruit among you”. Each soul that we bring to Jesus is work of the Holy Spirit alone. I cannot grow fruit I can only bear it. The opportunities that we are given to bring people to salvation must not be abandoned.

#7 is the fruit of Generosity. Philippians 4:17 says, I desire fruit that will ABOUND to your account”. Jesus is looking for output. We are to be givers and doers above and beyond what is asked of us.

Finally there is the fruit unto God Himself. Romans 7:4 says, “Bring forth fruit unto God”. He is the object of our affection and all that we do must be laid at His feet.