The Woodlands ladies are here & the men are working elsewhere but they dropped by to see us & it is such a joy when they do. When Jerry C began all of the construction that would lay the foundation for what we all see today at Casa John brought the first The Woodlands’ teams.

Don & his group had fireworks for all of the children tonight.


One of my pet peeves is when kids do not finish what they start. They tell me they are going to do a certain thing but then they do not follow through.

Years ago my grandfather and I went to the seed store and bought all the seeds we needed to plant 30 acres of farmland. Two weeks after finishing the planting it began to rain. It rained for 3 weeks and all the seed rotted in the fields.

My grandfather and I went back to the store. The owner told my grandfather to go in the storage and get what he needed. They shook hands. Nothing was written down. When the crops came in and my grandfather sold his beans the first place he went was to the feed store to repay what he owed. No contract—just a word!

Years ago a man’s word was all that was needed. Today our word does not mean what it used to. You and I do not need to be like the world. Our words can be true. We can follow through and finish what we say we are going to do.

Finish what you start! So many promises made and so little follow through! Why don’t you and I try to be different? Finish!