You can add Trinity Baptist in Norman, Ok on Wednesday, September 13th to our Fall schedule.

The doctor told me not to drive so Josue’ took Dottie to her eye exam which was again determined to be healing perfectly.

Dr Hines & a few folks from my hometown of Bunkie, La. arrived.

Our grandson, Javi, at football camp.

First, there is the fence of His Word that keeps us safe from false teaching.                                                     Second is the fence of Christian relationships that help to protect our minds.                                                       Third there is the fence of His presence that protects our souls.

Fourth there is the fence of the church and Christian fellowship that protects our emotions. Having fellow believers involved in our lives and especially as sounding boards when we are making decisions is the security upon which all Christians should rely. Fellowship is a way in which God protects us from lone ranger mistakes.

Fifth there is the fence of family that protects our hearts. No one has been more blessed than myself. For 54 years I have had a wife who has stood by my side through good days and bad days as well as through good decisions and bad decisions. Family is a buffer against the world. A family is like a castle surrounded by water in which we enter and pull up the drawbridge and the world stays out. Without Dottie’s kindness, wisdom and love I would have shipwrecked years ago.

Lastly there is the fence of God’s love that protects me from separation from Him. He holds me; I do not hold Him. If I did not feel His protective arms around me everyday I would have shipwrecked my life years ago.