he electric company raised the lines so we can build the walkover for the dialysis dorm. It will come down next to the church. We will need welders from the states to design & build it. Victor & Celia moved into the duplex next to Esdraz & Candida so they will look after the children coming & going.


We saw the columns upon which God builds a home and today we want to look at the fences that God uses to encircle us. First, there is the fence of His Word that keeps us safe from false teaching. I am a teacher not a preacher. The Word when properly taught will help us to discern what is true and what is false and thus keep ourselves safe form the enemy entering our thoughts.

Second is the fence of Christian relationships that help to protect our minds. It is not a secret that 8 months ago I was on the verge of collapse. A couple in Tennessee provided a safe haven for three weeks for me to get my act together. Without it I do not know what would have happened. But that fence encircled my mind and protected me from disaster.

Third there is the fence of His presence that protects our souls. The devil desires to take us away from what we believe and cause doubt and uncertainty. But this fence that tells us we are encircled with His ever-loving presence keeps us safe from wandering off into disaster.

More tomorrow.