One of the teenage girls had her appendix removed.

The dollar fell yet again.

CNA is coming to see the 3 children from Seguridad which is the home that burned.

Randi is in the states as her mother will have extensive back surgery tomorrow. Walt has asked specifically for your prayers.

I wrote a few updates & worked on next Sunday’s sermon.



Ever since Adam and Eve nothing has been our fault. We make excuses and attempt to blame our faults and failures in everyone else. We need to own up to our actions. If you desire to have a life of integrity and honesty then own up to your faults. Take responsibility.

Jesus called many people to walk with Him. Some got up and followed by the majority failed to do so and therefore missed a life of blessings. If they did not follow them they always had an excuse. Sick family member! Had to harvest the crops! Had to attend a wedding! Had to attend a funeral!

Following Jesus when it is convenient is not what He desired. He wanted them to follow Him NOW!

Do not make excuses! Many of you have been called. What are you waiting for? Be honest with yourself! Own up and follow Him in the path He has chosen for you.