Don’t give up now

Spent the morning writing updates.

The teams are working on the baby dorm as well as Alex’s apartment. I gave my testimony to the new teams that are here.

Next week the children will be out of school so we will have VBS and the children are excited about that.

July 4th on June 10th

Luke 5:20 “And when He saw their faith He said unto them, Man thy sins are forgiven thee”.

The most tragic part of having so many children is that so many of them believe when they sin they lose their salvation. But Jesus is saying in Luke 5 that our present circumstances can be overcome. We all fall and fail. No one is perfect. Therefore when we sin we need to realize that it is not permanent if we are Christians. We can arise when we fail. God does not cast us aside.

Secondly, there are friends who are willing to help you. If these children would just realize how many people truly love them and want them to succeed they could handle the daily pressures. The last few years have been my most difficult but I have had so many people wanting to stand by me and hold me up as well as dozens who pray for me daily.

Finally, God is always waiting for us to go to Him. He tells us that He stands at the door and knocks. He is waiting for us to invite Him in. He is not rude. He will not go where He is not invited. He awaits your door-opening faith. I do not understand how Christians can go everywhere before going to God. He not only has the answers He has the compassion to deal with you kindly.