Do not faint #1

The Louisiana team cleaned all the bathrooms on campus. They also cooked a Cajun dinner. Delicious!

The Alabama team gave soccer balls to every dorm. An Illinois team arrived. Teams are working on bathrooms, ceilings, painting & now the floor tile in the new dorm.


Christians are told not to faint. That simply means we are not to give up, quit or walk away from the call of God. First God tells us not to faint in prayer. Luke 18:1 says, “Pray and faint not”. I suppose this is where I and many others fail. It is our prayer life. We begin praying strongly for a need but when we do not see answers we quit.

Secondly, we are told not to faint in our confidence. II Corinthians 4:1 tells us that “We faint not”. Paul was sincere in his walk with God and it did not matter what happened he was not going to lose confidence. You and I need to know in whom we believe and stay the course. Christianity is all about stepping onto the water and expecting God to build a bridge when you have the confidence to continue.

Thirdly, II Corinthians 4:16 says we need to persevere. “For which cause we faint not”. I love sport because it teaches us it is not over until the final horn, buzzer, bell or gun fires. We need to keep going. You never reach a goal if you stop in the middle. There is a goal or a finish line and that should be your purpose. Fulfill the call of God on your life. Continue to the end of your race!

More tomorrow.