We baptized 30 teenagers & children. Gladys baptized the girls & Ezdras the boys.

I have had weight trouble so had a complete liver workup today & waiting for the results.

Calixto with Donald & Lori–his parents

I Corinthians 15:10, “By the grace of God I am who I am”. This has been one of my top ten verses because I remember the day it became real to me nearly 55 years ago. I was driving to New Orleans for a business meeting and heard that scripture on the radio. It just hit my arrow like a bullet. I was suddenly pierced by the truth that God had made me just as He desired. I was who He wanted me to be: male, Caucasian, American, Cajun, special education teacher, etc.

Without this truth I could never have reached the place I now occupy. My experiences as a child & teenager prepared me for working with the children in Guatemala. I reached a plateau that I never would have reached had it not been for my background.

God’s compassion on me has been beyond measure. I could have been born in deepest Asia or into total poverty or into an abusive home. But being who I ma means I have learned how to depend on Christ. Lafayette and Lake Charles prepared me for living by faith. Dottie’s father prepared me for living in Christ. Dottie prepared me for living in a godly family.

My life has been fulfilled because He made me who I am.