Every time there are demonstrations against the government I think of the people who have to get to hospitals & other critical appointments. Highway blockades do nothing to harm the government. They just hurt the average citizen.

The children began end-of-the-semester tests today. Dottie needs surgery in only her right eye. PTL!

The Alabama team took the dialysis children swimming & got caught in all the traffic.

I began a series of teachings on sex, marriage & morality for the teenagers. Boys tonight and girls tomorrow!


Vladimir Zenchenkov was a clerk in Russia in 1947 when he got drunk and lost 400 ration cards belonging to his superiors. His wife was sure he would be put to death so she told him to hide. For 22 years he hid in a secret room within his home. When his wife died to went to the police to turn himself in.

Like so many people Vladimir ran and hid rather than facing his problems. We never get victory over our problems by running. Jesus faced every problem and as the church grew following the crucifixion the people of God learned how to face their problems. The church grew because men and women refused to hide from their enemies.

They had confidence that Christ would be there for them through His Holy Spirit and because of that the church grew and here we are today. If those early believers had run and hid you and I would never have heard the Gospel.

When Vladimir went to the police he discovered that the ration cards had been found in his desk the very day he ran and hid. He feared for nothing and lost a great portion of his life and freedom.

Face your problems with Christ by your side.