Another check-up for Dottie & it was fine. To see how God has given her the sight she has been praying for just warms my heart. He answers prayer & so many of you prayed with her.

I gave my testimony to the nearly 60 folks from Alabama, Texas & Tennessee. The construction team of Oscar, Gretchen, Bob, Adam & Brandi have put together a long list of things we need to get done.

Twenty-three years ago Minor was born & we adopted him because we were told that he was severely mentally retarded. Today he is a super son & in his third year at the university making excellent grades. God has been so good to us.

Dottie with her opthomologist

Isaiah 54:17 says, “No weapon formed against you will prosper”. Goethe said, “Difficulties prove men”. That is certainly a true statement. When there are no problems everyone is an overcomer. It is when your world collapses that you discover who you are.

A Christian schoolteacher was sharing about the cross with her class when a girl raised her hand and said, “Jesus did not just carry the cross He used it”. How true!

We are not just to bear our crosses of trials and tribulations we are to use those circumstances to grow and become strong and unbeatable. Use the cross! Let it carry you!! Are you going to allow the negative and difficult circumstances to break you or are you going to let those circumstances bear you and make you stronger?