Things to help us not quit

Pray with us about our September schedule. It is not getting filled and we do not want to go home if no one wants to hear us.

We have been praying for rain & the weather is changing so God is answering our prayers. It has been a drought to some extent.

I want to thank all of you who help support dorms as well as individual children.

The new dryer is installed & working whereas a new concrete base had to be poured for the washer but is nearly ready.

A senior getting a new suit, two shirts & ties for his internship

When we are in the place where we want to quit we need to praise God and give Him adoration. Taking my eyes off of myself and placing it on Jesus will go a long way to bringing peace in my situation. Every time that I can remember being depressed or stressed I can look back and see that it was due to the fact I took my eyes off of Jesus and placed them on myself or my circumstances.

God wants us to express our love for Him and not praise because we have every need met and everything is fine. Even a heathen can do that. He wants to feel our spiritual heart beat when we are walking through valleys as well as mountaintops. It is easy when every year the finances are in the black but what do we do when we are in the red.

To be honest with you it took me nearly 2 weeks to get a handle on the way that we financially finished 2016. I was a mess. But that is when we pray, praise and thank Him for more than money in the bank. To not quit means He is my Father in what I think are the good times and the bad times.