Dottie has her eye appointment Monday to determine when the surgeries will be.

I preached today out of II Samuel 16 on a scripture I have never preached & have never heard preached.


I read this somewhere back in the early 1980s. Satan provides the test. You perform your best and God will do the rest.

Everyone is tempted by Satan. The Bible says it is common to all men. Satan will use your mind, desires for sexual gratification, fame, financial lust and other areas which truly are just common attacks.

But God is faithful to see you through it if you do your best. Resist the devil! Do not play with fire. Get away from those who would bring you down. It is not a game. The Mayans played a type of handball but not using hands. They used their feet & any other part of their bodies to put a ball through a raised hoop. The loser was put to death. That is how Satan plays this game for your soul.

But God makes a way of escape if we are serious and avoid as best we can the wiles of the devil. Satan brings testings, temptations, troubles and trials but e can keep working, praying, praising, trusting and believing God’s Word. He will deliver us.