We have 89 children without sponsors. It only takes $40 a month to sponsor a child and prayers which are more important than the money. Since the law forbids us from posting photos it makes it more difficult for you to know what they look like. We finally are able to print sponsor letters & in November we will send sponsors a photograph of their child.

I still need you praying that Dottie & I will have places to visit & share in September.

Tony preparing for his internship

There is a ministry we seldom think about in churches and ministries and that is the ministry of support. Support means to uphold by support and covers a wide range of areas. There will always be a need for those who can assist in someone way the spiritual work that is occurring. There will always be a need for people who are willing to hold up the arms of others who are in fulltime ministry.

Sometimes I am discouraged by comments from others when they refer to “all we have done” here at Casa in Guatemala. If they could only look back in time and see how God used thousands of people to pray, give financially and come to work at casa over the last 28 years they would change their way of thinking.

The Academy Awards are given to Best actor, etc. but also to Best Supporting Actor. No single actor can carry a movie without the support of dozens of others from costumes, make-up, sound, special affects and a director. It truly takes hundreds to make a movie and it takes thousands to make a successful ministry.

I need all of you. Moses yelled at God and said, “Am I a nursing father? Can I carry these people alone?” The questions are necessary for me today. No man can carry a ministry alone. It takes a supporting class. That is you!!!