Mother’s Day (Guatemala) was calm & passed without incident. I bought Dottie a muzzle for Mother’s Day. She used it on one of the Doberman dogs. The three of them have been barking all night for days. Not Dottie–the Dobermans.

For the first time in months the children have been able to write their sponsors. We still have to get all of the letters to the states so we can mail them.

If I could get the children to understand this they would be more blessed.

There are a few suggestions that I have if you are to be a supportive member of a local church or a ministry. First, know what you are called of God. Whether you are an intercessor or a financial supporter be certain that it is what God called you to do.

Second, make a definite decision that you are going to fulfill the calling. If you help us by supporting a child realize it requires not only finances but daily prayer for the child.

Thirdly, Whatever your hands find to do, do it! Do not be half-hearted! Give quality time to prayer and intercession for your sponsored child or for your financial support to Casa.

Fourth, walk in your calling and not someone else’s. We each have a job to do and an ear is not a foot. You do your job and do not be concerned about what others are doing. Allow God to use you as He wants. You do not call yourself. He calls you.