Philippians 2:1-2

Dottie’s surgery went well we believe. She will have an appointment tomorrow to remove the bandages & get the results.

We have two teams of over 25 people each arriving Friday & Saturday so we are expecting to get a lot of work done.


In these verses we see important characteristics of Christians. First, we belong to Jesus. It is so wonderful to belong to someone. For 54 years I have belonged to Dottie. But more important is the fact that for over 54 years I have belonged to Christ.

Second, Christian love should be shown to others. I Corinthians 13 gives us a couple of dozen characteristics of love and we have the privilege of living them before others. We are called to love as Christ loved. My children here do not care what I feed them or the clothes I give them. They want to know I love them.

Third, Paul says we are to have joy in serving others. Attitude is everything! You may come to Casa and build a building but did you serve the children with kindness? Did they see Jesus in your life?

Fourth, we are to demonstrate loving kindness. Paul hit the nail on the head. Our lives are to so demonstrate the loving kindness of God that others will flock to know Him personally. Love is the headliner. It is love that draws us to Christ and to serving others.