Raquel graduated in Forensic Criminology.

I will begin this week teaching the teenagers about relationships.


Presenting flowers to Raquel

Some folks try to hold on to God with one hand and sin with the other. That is impossible to do. Matthew 6:24 says that we cannot serve God and Satan at the same time. We are called out of our old sins when we become Christians.

We are called out of a life of sin and we are called into a life of purpose where we love to be in the presence of God. Jesus died in order for us to have fellowship with God. Salvation causes us to be new creatures in Christ. The old junk fades away.

We make walk through some dark valleys but God has a purpose for everything He allows to happen to us. Maybe He is teaching us patience or increasing our faith or helping us to become testimonies or even to prepare us for darker valleys. There is no reason to fear.

It seems lately we have experienced darker valleys and confusion as to what lies ahead but He is in control so we have to let go and let God be God.