There was a banking meeting for busnesses & ministries across the area to explain how the government can access our banking files. Also the dollar took another major hit today.

There was a terrible situation in San Lucas & traffic as stalled for nearly 5 hours.

I fell today hitting my head on a shelf & now I feel smarter.

The kitchen, pharmacy & storage areas added to the Casa de Antoni.

If Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever then miracles still occur. He is a miracle God and He has not changed. Here are a few thoughts about our lives.

We must remember past miracles. I remember a boy looking at the electric bill and his eyes widened and he said, “Papi, doesn’t that scare you?” I asked him how many years I had been in Guatemala and he said 26 at that time. I said, “Multiply 26 times twelve and you get 312 and that is how many times God has paid the electric bill”. We forget what God did for us.

But we must look at present miracles also. Mark wrote, “This is the Lord’s doing”. That is what I have to remind myself of. As pressure-filled as the last two years have been financially we still are continuing. You must expect miracles daily if you are to see miracles at all. Recognize today’s blessings! They are miracles!

But my eyes also are focused on future miracles. There is a bump in the road with the dialysis ministry but Joel 2:21 says, “The Lord WILL DO great things for you”. Activate your faith and trust that the God of the past and the present is the God of your future.