Little Things

We will be at Lakeview Springs Baptist in Cave Springs, Arkansas on Sunday morning September 17th so we can minister anywhere on the Wednesday before & after as we travel as well as the evening of the 17th if near Fayetteville.

If I could get my children to understand the importance of little things they would have a skill to carry them through anything. They must develop the habit of doing little things well if they are to accomplish big things.

God says that the little foxes spoil the vine. It is in the little areas where we make the real difference and prepare for accomplishing great things. If you do not love one child why would God give you 500? When Josue’ arrived at 3 months old in 1989 we treated him as though he would be the only child. Now 5500 children later we still attempt to see that we and the staff treat each child as special.

God will not trust you with the large ministries if you are not faithful in what the world says is small. My first church had 20 adults. I visited them, prayed with them, married and buried some of them and then God moved me to Lafayette. From there a street ministry in Lake Charles led to a wonderful church and a little mission trip to Guatemala opened huge doors. I learned to preach to one as though he were 100.

Be faithful in the little things!