John the Baptist #3

We celebrated Alex, Analy and Celia’s birthday with a lunch and a coca cola cake made by Dottie.

Today is a national holiday so our old children had to fill in for our regular cooks, laundry, baby dorm, etc.

Analy, Dottie, Celia and Alex

In Jesus answer to John the Baptist when John was downcast and wondering if Jesus was truly the Messiah Jesus insinuated that (1) You are doing better than you think, (2) You are more important than you think and now He says (3) It is less about you than you think.

Jesus wanted John to realize that it was not about the prison that he was in but it was about the kingdom. We tend to look at what we are doing and think that is what is important. I am here in Guatemala worth over 450 children and that probably makes some people believe that what I am doing is wonderful or even awesome. But the truth is that if I m not bringing children to a knowledge of Jesus and a deeper walk with Him then I am a failure. I have made it about my prison (Casa) and not bout His Kingdom (salvation).

Whey didn’t God just throw Adam away and start all over with a new man. Because He wants to fix us!

John was blessed because the Words of Jesus told John how important He was to the Kingdom. You and I will not know that until we get to heaven and hopefully He says “Well done”.