John the Baptist #2

Woke up with no worries about the water. Great way to end the month.

Today was visiting day so we had many happy and many sad children.

The young lady who lost an arm and both legs passed away.


Jacobo lives in our house & he is with Dottie and his new suit in hand.

We read from Mark 6 yesterday where John the Baptist is confused and Jesus encourages him. First he tells him that he is doing better than he thinks. Now he will indicate that John is more important than he things.

We sometimes doubt our importance or value. Sports is a good example. Normally a football team has one or two “stars” and the men who block or play defense are forgotten. Newspapers and TV makes it sound as though a player wins the game all by himself. People talk about Michael Jordan or Labron James as though they play alone against the other team.

When I was in high school we had a prima donna who loved to berate the line of blockers when he did not gain much yardage. In one particular game he complained once too often. The team agreed that the quarterback could hand him the ball and the other 10 players would walk off the field. He was hit pretty hard but he never berated the team again.

No one is an island. We need each other. Jesus had needed John the Baptist to identify Him as the Lamb of God. Every one is important to Jesus.