How to not quit #2

A young man, Eddy Trujillo, who was raised at Casa passed away this week. He had kidney failure. Pray for the family please.

We are desperate for a WordPress programmer to help us with our new web site. The old one was out of date so we are attempting to make it more in line with what our sponsors and supporters need. Let me know if you can help.

The roof on Los Cometas is finished. They can start on pouring the concrete floors. Getting close.

Senior girl receiving her suit & shirts for her internship.

Yesterday we spoke of not quitting by praise and adoration. Today I want to say that confessing the sin of doubt & fear is critical to continuing in the battle. It is truly a sin to doubt God and hen we are fearful we have lost sight of Him. Often I have had to stop in my depression and admit to God I have lost sight of Him.

Third we must be thankful. The Word is filled with scriptures on thankfulness but for me is a famous one. Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not worry about anything but…with thanksgiving present your petition unto God”.

God has done so much for me in the 28 years here in Guatemala and the many years before that yet sometimes I act as though He has never walked with me. That is sin! To sit back and count my many blessings would take days if I had a good enough memory. He has been so faithful to His Word for me and I have been so unfaithful. Yet He has always provided and been there through every circumstance. Even within the last week with the tremendous water well problem we were able to get the well technicians to come and within 2 hour we had water as strong as we have ever had. He has always been there for me.

Praise, adoration, prayer and thanksgiving are necessary if we are to continue in His calling and not quit.