How not to quit #5

Wednesday is Mother’s Day & the law states that mothers get a day off with pay so that affects every area of life at Casa: school, office, clinic, etc.

We soon have to be paying the extra month’s salary so we began working on it today.

Dottie & the ladies had Bible study and then Dottie and I had marriage counseling with Josue & Vanessa.


Together we can form Jesus around us and through us.

A sure way to keep going when you want to quit is by surrounding yourself with supportive ministries. I Corinthians 12 tells us that there are prophets, teachers, apostles and workers of miracles and many gifts. We are never alone unless we ignore those others whom are in our lives and ant to help.

My wanting to quit goes all the way back to when I first was in ministry over 50 years ago. I was so discouraged when I first pastored and it appeared I was speaking to the deaf. It appeared that no one really wanted to hear what I was saying.

Down the road was a pastor of another denomination named Donald who encouraged me to continue. I often wonder what life would have held for Dottie and me had I listened to the negative voices around me and ignored Donald. But his encouragement and words of wisdom caused me to continue. I never truly succeeded in that church but moving on has proven to me that the Lord had truly called me and had given me a message.

In radio ministry Brother Barry encouraged me when it appeared no one was listening. Again the words of wisdom caused me to continue and the rest is history. More recently two men & one woman have stepped into my life and encouraged me when I was hanging by a thread.

Be aware of the supportive ministries around you.