Candy will return to Casa tomorrow so we are all so very pleased, blessed and excited to see her. She and Lee have held it together in the most difficult of circumstances. Their life scripture is Romans 8:28 and they have truly lived it the last few months.

Our doctor checked Sebastian’s father who is demonstrating symptoms of diabetes. His feet are showing the symptoms.

Gretchen is back so we are blessed.

Dottie had her pre-surgery work up today & is ready for Thursday morning. She would appreciate your prayers


Galatians 6:14, “But God forbid that I should glory, except in the cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ”.

There are people who glory in riches. Their world is centered around income and possessions. It is all about belonging to the upper crust financially. It is the size of their house and the number & type of their vehicles. It is about savings accounts & investments.

Others glory in wisdom. Honestly there are those who want the world to know how intelligent they are and how well thet can explain complicated things. Some of them are atheists & want to explain away the Creation, Virgin Birth, Cross and so forth. It is about their influence in universities and the like.

Then we have those who glory in power. They have a “look at who I am” personality. There is a link many times with power, wisdom and wealth.

But we glory in the Cross Paul said. A cut-up tree upon which Jesus Christ died for me! That is sufficient! The Cross is all we need. It is the only thing that is eternal. We either accept it or reject it and that choice determines our eternal destination.