To God be the glory! Not only was the surgery successful but Dottie has no more blurriness, no more wiggly lines and now has her perifial vision back. We are so blessed. She has 20/20 vision.

Exams finished yesterday so today was a “sports” day for the students in our school. It always helps when they blow off steam.

We had the sweetest visit with Lee & Candy. She is just so filled with the Lord & had one testimony after another. Having her back is wonderful even if it is for only 3 weeks. Lee attended a meeting for adoptive parents yesterday & God has been so faithful to take them through the process of adopting Anda.


Brian & Crissy have been doing something for different dorms each night & tonight is a pizza party for the boys in Vencedores (9-14 year olds). Spurgeon said, “We need footstools of faith to knell upon”. God’s grace can strengthen us and our trials and tribulations will be footstools to knell upon. We only grow spiritually if we look for His will during our tribulations. Seeing His work in our lives reflects His perfect love and we grow in strength & faith.

God’s grace strengthens us. We learn to be independently dependent upon the Lord. Grace is an expensive gift. If you receive His grace you must give your all to Him. We begin to co-operate with God in the life He has given us.

Someone said, “The more we bend over the straighter we stand for God.” I agree! Humility is necessary to receive His grace. Grace allows me to demonstrate my true personality. I become who He desires that I become. Humility and grace are brothers upon which we can build our future.