I worked on lessons on relationships for the teens as well as continuing to hold marriage counseling classes each Monday evening.
Dottie & I walked through the Casa Para Antoni to pray & make notes of what needs to be done since we have teams coming Saturday & then often after that throughout the summer.

Calixto, adopted to the USA, graduated from high school in Lake Charles last night.

Granddaughter, Isabella, receiving the Hug-Bug award

There are many Christians but few disciples. Many Christians receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and that is the end. They do not live an overcoming Christian life. Fire insurance (against hell) is all they have.

If we are disciples our words should be true. We should always say what we mean and mean what we say. We should be giving good reports to those around us. The world is so negative that good news is rare.

We should be fearless if we are disciples of Jesus. 11 of the 12 disciples were martyred for their faith. They spoke the truth and truly the truth did set them free. They were able to leave this world realizing they had been faithful and finished the course God had set before them. Your faith does set you free. You are able to live unashamedly unto the Lord.

Paul knew that there was pain & persecution at every turn. But he steadfastly continued to suffer but continue to minister. Things do not always go our way & that only serves to make us depend more on the Lord and His Holy Spirit. We will not be crucified by the world but self-crucifixion is needed. The luts of the flesh and even our non-sinful desires need to be nailed to the cross in order for us to finish the course.

Each night Dottie and I pray that we will finish the race God has placed before us. We want to run through the tape and make a difference. I believe that being a Christian and not making a difference is so very sad. A wasted life!