A marvelous thing that has happened is that a handful of children who have left Casa sponsor children at Casa. Estela is in Tennessee & Helen is in New York while Carlos is here in Guatemala & they all sponsor children or dorms. Giving back is so critical to our Christian growth.

The courts are sending so many children back to parents that we have decided to allow a child to have a sponsor immediately so they will have that Christian contact & someone who will pray for them even after they leave. The courts are turning us upside down.


Charles Swindoll says that attitude is a choice and a good attitude is a good choice.. Most of you have heard that that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. There are many attitudes that we can have that will determine our future and peace of mind.

I believe that I am so guilty of allowing my circumstances to affect my attitude. When things are well I have a very uplifting outlook but when things are not so good I seem to get down. That means I lose sight of God’s presence in my life.

It is critical that I be able to see God’s hand in everything that I do. When I stay focused on Him and His Word everything goes so much better. When I allow the circumstances to overshadow His presence things go terribly wrong.

A positive attitude does not depend on what happens to me. It is a choice that I must consciously make daily. I must accept everything that comes from the hand of God. Not everything will go my way so I am happy only when things are good I will not be happy too often.

It is critical that I can see the invisible bridge that He wants me to cross. He does not build a bridge until I step out on the water.