This coming Friday is Family Day & Billy asked that I share about family.

My back is as bad as ever as 2 hours one-way everyday to the optomologist as well as sharing a 2 hour testimony & finally preaching two times this morning took their toll. Dottie is doing great even working with her gardens.

Today was visiting day so we again had many happy but also many sad children who did not have a visit.


On our 25th wedding anniversary Dottie and I went to England with the intent of visiting George Mueller’s ministry in Bristol. No one knew him or his work. I was devastated and after a full day of going everywhere we knew to do I walked into a little grocery store & the worker asked me why I was in England.

When I answered he said I know where his ministry is located so we went there. It was awesome. Now there are no orphans but t is a worldwide tract ministry. After crying in front of everyone and being told that George Mueller prayed for every child the moment they entered on of his homes (2000 children at one time) I was even more sad.

After his death the orphanages continued for years but eventually became homes for the elderly.

They said the last child he prayed for in the 1890’’s was Grace Norwood. As we began to leave the entire staff was smitten with my emotions and one asked, “Can you wait 30 minutes”? Soon an ambulance arrived and in a wheel chair was Grace Norwood the last of his orphan he prayed for and the first to enter his Home for the Elderly. That was a great day in my life! I was able to hug what he had held.