Visit the Sick

Sebastian had a meeting with CNA about the home where the fire occurred and 42 girls died.

Josue’ worked on the educational enrollments for the university students and the monthly costs for tuition and expenses. Oscar worked on hospital, Cometas & the apartment in the blue building costs.

The dollar fell to 7.23. This is affecting our income dramatically.

Something that would really help is if someone sponsored a university student(partially) or a child in dialysis. Only one child in dialysis has a sponsor. We are good stewards of His money & are looking for solutions.

Analy has done an excellant job with the many responsibilities of social worker.


The fifth item Jesus speaks of in Matthew 25 was visiting the sick. We live in the world of illness. The world has not gotten better physically. Illness, aging and death meet us everywhere. People who are sick they are vulnerable.

Our children with renal disease suffer much more than physically. Medicine and dialysis are important but they need more than that. They need the presence of Christians who love them. Jesus touched lepers when everyone else ran from them.

When Jesus was suffering with every illness known to man as He hung on the cross Mary never abandoned Him. Do we stand with those who are physically ill? Do we stand with those whose heart is broken? So many people could use a visit from us.

Incredibly Mother Teresa ministered to 53,000 lepers in her lifetime. She also had 17,000 die within days of arriving who were not lepers. Just like Jesus was abandoned by His disciples except for John and yet His mother stayed! Do you forget the aged, the shut-ins and the critically ill? So many need you to care.

Heart sickness is prevalent in these world. Will they find a place in your heart?